Styling – For Everyday

Styling is the art of making your home reflect your taste and style, making it comfortable and inviting. Some call it re-design but we think of it as personalizing your life’s space. We give your home a fresh twist, rearrange your furnishings & accessories, showcase your cherished treasures and add new furniture, window treatments, and accessories to give your home a finished feel.

Our styling and consulting services are an exceptional value in interior design and decorating bringing you personalized designer expertise and guideance on a full-day, half-day or hourly fee. You’re free to run with the ideas yourself or, if you like, we’re happy to partner with you as you go forward.

Don’t forget to ask us about our “Flash Makeover”. Give us day or so… we’ll refine your furniture and accessories or go for the big change. It’s up to you.

Styling – For Every Season

Styling for every season means we’ll bring the flavor of the season or the holiday to you and your family’s home with décor that embraces the feeling you long for and anchor the memories of the future’s past. Whether you’re short on time or simply looking for a fresh perspective, we can help!