Fresh Twist Interiors makes inspiring interior design accessible. Big projects or small, whatever your style or needs, we will help you make your house your home.

Timeless Design with a Twist

Our fundamental approach is that your home should feel comfortable, reflect your style, fit your needs and never become predictable.

Because we let your personality and lifestyle lead, it’s impossible for us to be anything but original. In the end, we create an enhanced expression of your style and, if we’ve done our work well, no one will know a designer has been there.

It’s what we do. It’s all about you.

How? We give you rooms with…

  • Good design, structure and energy
  • Quality furnishings you love
  • Homes for your cherished treasures
  • A mix of new pieces, old antiques and life’s unexpected finds
  • Rooms that will hold their look over time
  • A finished, finessed, fabulous twist

Like life your home should never be stagnant. If you love the idea your home should be built on timeless elements but also be changeable as inspiration moves you and as the seasons awaken you then call us. We’ll help you design a home for living – beautiful, dare we say “fabulous” – but neither inflexible nor untouchable.

What? Not all clients are the same?

Naturally we would love to take on every home from top to bottom. But, of course, there’s reality. So, we’ll work with you to identify your vision, goals and timelines.

To create a home truly inspired by you we’ve found we work best in your space so we come to you. Call 303.523.3768 to schedule an appointment.